The Time of Year is Changing Again

The time of year is changing again. We go from 70 degree weather thinking about getting ready to go to the field. Then go to 30 degree and wet weather and put on the brakes for spring field work and planting. 

This spring we will be having a Horsch Maestro 3215 Soybean planter to demo. If anyone in Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan or Northeast Indiana want to see it run, feel free to contact us about it. This planter is high efficiency not just high speed like its competitors. The larger seed tank capacity sets the maestro apart from the competition. The Maestro also is precise on spacing and depth of seed on a consistant basis.

Along with talking about being efficient, both Landoll and Horsch have High Speed Compact Discs for seed bed preparation and residue management. We have both types here at the lot if anyone wants to look at them and compare them. Both machines require 13-17 HP per foot to run properly. The working depth is 1”-5”. Both machines size the residue 4”-5” and incorporate the residue into the soil. This accelerates decomposition and adds micro-nutrients along with organic matter to the soil which leads to improving the crop productivity. This all keeps the N-P-K from the residue with your field and not blowing away. Both machines operate at 8-12 MPH, meaning more acres done in a short amount of time. We demo and rent these machines to our customers within a 50 mile radius of our location.

Thanks to all our friends and customers and have a great spring!